"I have been enormously encouraged by the number of times frontline staff have told me that using an outcomes approach has improved the quality of their keyworking with clients. This is what it's all about"
Kevin Ireland
former Executive Director, London Housing Foundation

The new Outcomes Star. A set of four publications. An all new tool; a guide to using the outcomes star for managers; a guide for keyworkers; a guide to delivering in-house training on using the outcomes star

Homeless Outcomes

Welcome to Homeless Outcomes - the one-stop resource for homelessness agencies who want to take an outcomes approach in their work.
Why outcomes?
To end homelessness, our sector needs to change the lives of the people it works with. Changing attitudes is central to this. Taking an outcomes approach is vital to show how you are changing the attitudes of each individual you see. It is the means to demonstrate the real difference you are making in changing lives.
On this site you can find information on:

This website is published and maintained through Homeless Link's Outcomes Programme.

Guides to choosing an outcomes tool reissued!

Want to measure outcomes but not sure what tool to choose? Today we have published the second editions of the invaluable resources, A Practical Guide to Outcomes Tools, and A Review of Outcomes Tools For the Homelessness Sector.

New outcomes resource for day centres
Day Centres are different from other services, however it is still essential that they measure outcomes and capture the important work that they do. Our outcomes resource for day centres will help you to decide on an appropriate tool. Download the resource here.
New paper on how an outcomes approach complements your work
Taking an outcomes approach complements and can easily be embedded into ways of working that are common in the homelessness sector. View this paper on how its ethos links to other approaches such as the Places of Change Programme, key working, motivational interviewing and cognitive-behavioural therapy. More
New guidance for commissioners
Triangle Consulting has produced a guide for commissioners of homelessness services who are considering using the Outcomes Star within their commissioning process.
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