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What is the Outcomes Star?

The Outcomes Star is an approach to measuring change when working with vulnerable people. We call these measurable changes outcomes. It is used within the key work process and is integrated within assessments and reviews.

This approach is described in The Outcomes Star User Guide (PDF), which can be used in key work with service users. We have summarised its contents here.

The understanding that lies beneath the Outcomes Star approach is captured in the Journey of Change - a scale outlining the key steps in a transition from dependence to independence. This scale underlies the Ten Ladders, further scales that are used to measure service users’ progress in each outcome area, such as meaningful use of time.

The Outcomes Star measures ten outcome areas:

The service user's position on each scale is marked on the Outcomes Star Chart, which you can see pictured on this page.

The Outcomes Star is an effective way to involve service users in needs assessment, support planning and reviews.

Authors: Triangle Consulting for the London Housing Foundation
Date: February 2009
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