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"This is brilliant! It's very useful for anyone who wants to assess and analyse their own work and make improvements. It's very easy and quick to input Star data and I'd recommend that new users have a play and they will soon get to grips with the system. In terms of being intuitive to use, I'd give it five out of five."
Simon Virth, Supported Housing Manager, Community Campus 87

Outcomes Star System

The Outcomes Star System is an online IT system to support the use of the Outcomes Star and provide easy access to learning through a wide variety of reports.

Need support using the Outcomes Star System?

Read How to use the Outcomes Star System

See what resources, training and support options are available through Homeless Link.

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To find out more and see how the system works use the links below:


Visit the demonstration site where you can sign up for a 30 day trial and see what the site can do. Please note, reporting functions in the demonstration site rely on small amounts of trial data, and as such are not reliable.
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