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"Most of our clients like the Outcomes Star. We have laminated each of the ladders and they have become familiar to everybody. The outcomes tool is included in support plans, and we have found that it has made these more imaginative and individual than before."

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The Outcomes Star (Third Edition)

The Outcomes Star is a comprehensive tool for measuring the outcomes of work with homeless people. We recommend its use with homeless people.

It was developed by Triangle Consulting, originally for St Mungo’s, and subsequently widely tested and revised for the London Housing Foundation. The new 3rd editions are published by Homeless Link.

The Outcomes Star is used and valued by both funders and service providers. Local authorities are taking a keen interest in the approach and Triangle Consulting has recently facilitated an initiative that was funded by the London Housing Foundation, involving three London Supporting People teams. For the latest information, as it arrives, see Supporting People.

Download 'The Outcomes Star' tool in PDF format

The Outcomes Star Collection (Third Edition)

The Outcomes Star Collection has been developed to provide agencies with the supporting materials and guidance they need to implement and use the Outcomes Star approach.

'The Outcomes Star: User Guide' (PDF)

If you are considering using the Outcomes Star, we would recommend that you read about the development of the Outcomes Star.

Outcomes Star System

The Outcomes Star System is a website that allows organisations to create and store Stars online. It also allows for reporting on outcomes, for individuals, for projects or for the organisation as a whole.
For further information on the Outcomes Star System click here.
Authors: The Outcomes Star Collection has been developed by Triangle Consulting for the London Housing Foundation - 3rd edition published by Homeless Link
Last updated: 20 November 2013 by Joanne Crellen - Homeless Link


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"The Outcomes Star measurement system has generated a considerable amount of interest within the sector and we view it as an example of positive practice in relation to tracking individual development and progress against multiple vulnerabilities"
Audit Commission March 2006

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