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Alabaré Christian Care Centres, Salisbury
Use of the Star in assertive outreach in Norwich
Croftlands Trust, Cumbria
St Christopher’s, Greenwich
St Mungo’s
Single Homeless Project
Swindon Supported Housing
Stuart Coulsell, ex-service user now support worker, Tulip
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Case Studies



Alabare Christian Care centres, Salisbury

How initial manager and staff resistance was overcome. The need for the star to be an integral and on-going part of the agenda in supervision, staff meetings etc

Norwich: Julian Housing and statutory service

That the Star can be used in an outreach setting with chaotic clients. Effect on the relationship between voluntary and statutory and issues with multiple data collection demands

Croftlands Trust, Cumbria

Successful implementation leading to increased client engagement and organisational learning from outcomes data



Why they are a “massive fan” of the outcomes Star, including benefits in keywork, supervision, management and relationship with funders.

St. Christopher’s, Greenwich

That young people like the Star. Good practice in on-going integration of Star in keywork, supervision etc. Star data shows progress

St. Mungo’s. London

The extent and length of the change management process necessary to introduce the Star into a very large organisation and clear benefits in improved keywork

Single Homeless Project (SHP), London

That implementation of the Star can take a long time in a large organisation but it is worth it. Hurdles overcome, learning and benefits for clients, workers and reputation with funders

Swindon Supported Housing (stat)

Using the Star for four years in Supported Housing with vulnerable adults. Has made keywork more systematic and better quality.

Tulip: Stuart, ex-service user

How using the Recovery Star (a variant of the Outcomes Star) was fundamental in him turning his life around and moving from service user to support worker


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