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A review of outcomes tools for the homelessness sector

Service-providing agencies are increasingly finding themselves under pressure to measure the outcomes of their services and as a result there are increasing numbers of outcomes tools available. But which is the most appropriate for your organisation? This review and its companion A Practical Guide to Outcomes Tools are designed to help you decide.

This is by no means a comprehensive review of all the tools available. The review focuses on those tools that are most commonly used in homelessness organisations, that are reasonably contemporary and are available for other organisations to use.

Although both documents have been developed specifically for the homelessness sector, we believe that they will have wider relevance. It is also important to note that inclusion in this review does not constitute a recommendation by Triangle Consulting, the London Housing Foundation, or Homeless Link.

This is the second edition of this guide.

Download A Review of Outcomes Tools for the Homelessness Sector.

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