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Outcomes are the effects or changes brought about by the activities provided by an organisation. Measurements of outcomes show the degree of its effectiveness, rather than its size, efficiency, or productivity. Taking an outcomes approach means ensuring a continuous cycle of enquiry and service improvement based on factual information about what is being achieved. Since 2003, Charities Evaluation Services have been running an outcomes programme to help the voluntary sector understand and take an outcomes approach.

In June 2008, Homeless Link took over managing the London Housing Foundation’s Outcomes Programme for the homelessness sector that includes administsering the widely used Outcomes Star tool. We see this as a major opportunity to promote the value of an outcomes approach in helping homelessness services to focus on the needs, potential and development of each individual person. The aim of the programme is to support organisations to improve their services to end homelessness.

Aim of the Outcomes Programme
The overall aim of the Outcomes Programme is to support organisations to improve their services to end homelessness.
  1. To encourage organisations to have a shared philosophy of an outcomes approach
  2. To enable homelessness agencies to access and use outcomes measurement tools that meet their needs
  3. To increase awareness of good practice in outcomes approaches
  4. To improve services for vulnerable people who may be at risk of homelessness within other sectors
  5. To enable the sector to improve its services through good outcomes data
  6. To increase awareness of Homeless Link’s outcomes programme.

For further information on our Outcomes Programme, contact Joanne Crellen in the Innovation and Good Practice Team.

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